All the flavors and aromas of the cuisine of Sardinia and Alghero.

Macchiavello Osteria always offers a varied (assorted) menu according (in harmony with) or (BASED ON) to the seasons and to the freshness of local and genuine products.

Our kitchen is a living laboratory that is able to innovate the tradition by offering new simple and elegant flavors: a wide choice of traditional Sardinian and Alghero cuisine: dishes rich in sea and land flavors transformed (revised,reworked, re-elaborated) with fantasy but always paying attetion to the quality and freshenees of the food.

Our Chef's hands give born to delicious dishes that satisfy the preferrences of each guest, leading him in the discovery of local delicatessen which Sadinia (our island) generously offers.

The strong flavors of meats and cold cuts, cheeses, bread and elaborated varieties of pasta tell ancient stories of

Sardinia, fascinanting you with the aromas and scents of herbs and vegetables that come with these dishes.

The freshly caught fish, the fresh sea foods and culinary influences of neighboring Catalonia reveal the genuine simplicity and peculiarities that make the cuisine of Alghero tipycal and different from traditional Sardinian cuisine.