Alghero is a beautiful city in the north-west of Sardinia, the heart of the Coral Coast.

In any season, the Catalan city offers the opportunity to discover its ancient and fascinating traditions, still alive in everyday life and in the language of the inhabitants, and the chance to experience the unspoiled (uncontaminated) beauty of nature that surrounds it.

Visited each year by many tourists, “L'Alguer” reveals its interesting and charming past: the old town, surrounded by imposing ramparts, guards important architectural and artistic evidences that still tell the history of the city.

The quiet atmosphere of the old town and the ramparts (bastions) of Algher goes beyond the town, along the eighty km of beaches and coasts of the territory of Alghero, precious natural heritage of the island.

Favored by the warm weather that during all the year heat (and accompanies) these places, Alghero offers countless opportunities to discover its culinary, linguistic and cultural peculiarities, characteristics that make it one of the most desirable destinations in the itineraries of Sardinia.